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Educational Webcasts

Gastroesophageal Reflux in Children: The pathway to Surgery
7th May, 2014

The Dietary Management of Complex Gastroenterology Patients
15th May, 2014

Recognising and Treating Cow's Milk Allergy: A Case Study Approach
27th June, 2014 

Childhood Constipation
30th September, 2014

A Selection of Presentations from the Food Allergy Kitchen Study Day

From Allergy Tests to Elimination
Dr Adam Fox

Cooking Without Milk, Soy, Egg and Wheat and Other Foods
Ms Kathryn Lowes

Educational Webcasts

A Guide to Managing Difficult Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 2014
4th December, 2013

7th May, 2014

Practical Management of Food Allergies in Children
7th November, 2013

APG Annual Update on Paediatric Gastroenterology
24th October, 2013

The Food Allergy Kitchen
11th October, 2013

Eosinophilic Gut Disorders: A case study approach
27th September, 2013

A Selection of Presentations from the Impact of Early Nutrition for Long-Term Health
14th June, 2013

Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health; a holistic approach
Dr Atul Singhal

Optimising Complementary Feeding; the evidence to date
Dr Mary Fewtrell

Childhood Obesity: a practical approach
Dr Julie Lanigan

Educational Webcasts 

Impact of Early Nutrition for Long-Term Health
14th June, 2013

Coeliac Disease: A Patient's Journey Study Day
25th April, 2013

The Food Allergy Kitchen: How to cook, what to cook and not cook
5th December, 2012

Practical Paediatric Gastroenterology
23rd November, 2012

Gut Motility Disorders Study Day
17th October, 2012

Coeliac Disease Study Day
27th September, 2012

A Selection of Presentations from the Parents Day
12th October, 2012

Coping Strategies for Home
Dr Jonathan Gibbins

Coping with School and Finances
Mr Nick Wright

Coping with School and Finances
Ms Jo Kenyon 

Educational Webcasts

Eosinophilic Gut Diseases Study Day
8th September, 2012

Childhood Nutrition
21st June, 2012

Controversies in Gastroesophageal Reflux course
20th April, 2012

Parents Day: Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction, Constipation and Gut Motility Disorders 
13th March, 2012

Please find below some highlights from the Academy of Paediatric Gastroenterology 2011 programme of courses:

Do we finally know what hypoallergenic formula to choose?
Ms Rachel De Boer

Food allergy NICE guidelines summary
Dr Adam Fox

"May Contain" - what to advise parents
Ms Tanya Wright

Paediatric surgery
Mr Joe Curry

Feeding and swallowing problems in children
Dr Nathalie Rommel

IBD genetics for paediatricians
Dr Johan Van Limbergen

New perspectives in Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction
Dr Roberto De Giorgio