The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology will be reaching out to a larger and wider audience than any other educational initiative in the area of paediatric gastroenterology in the UK.

This provides a mutually beneficial opportunity to work together with commercial partners who share the goal of developing and increasing the understanding of gastrointestinal problems amongst healthcare workers as well as promoting the use of the many new treatment modalities.

Course attendees will include prescribers, decision makers and local opinion leaders, providing an invaluable opportunity to reach this audience directly. The Academy’s determination to put motility and GI allergy into the non-specialists’ arena has already been demonstrated by the inclusion of these common problems in the general paediatricians courses.

The formation of the Academy will build on this success and deliver premium training opportunities to a greater number of health professionals from a broader range of backgrounds.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To discuss sponsorship possibilities, please contact Rebecca Burgess. 
Tel: 0207 383 8044