The department of Paediatric Gastroenterology has a long and successful history of providing education and training opportunities for visiting fellows from across the world. The presence of comprehensive and integrated facilities for both clinical and laboratory gastroenterology allows GOSH/ICH to provide one of the UK’s top sub-specialty training programmes. The central London location, network of partner hospitals and high profile academic reputation within University College London makes the centre a highly accessible and attractive venue to doctors around the world.

APG is providing six month to two year programmes for fellows in paediatric gastroenterology. Specialist programmes are available in neurogastroenterology and motilitymucosal immunology (including gut inflammatory disorders); or intestinal care and nutrition (including parenteral nutrition and intestinal failure).

In an effort to ensure we able to dedicate enough resource to training across the department, we now have an agreement to charge for observerships, fellowships and training opportunities. This used partly to offset admin costs and NHS time but, more importantly, to ensure we are able to deliver and sustain proper training including a senior training fellow and other utilities (tools, laptops, simulators, training machines). We no longer do ad hoc training but try and accommodate individuals within discrete training programmes. As times goes on we will be seeking formal accreditation. The current charge for full time (5 days a week) training for a year (40 weeks) is £25,000 a year. Minimal attachment period is 6 months (20 weeks) pro rata - anything less is not really useful. The charge does include a personalised training plan and any related courses that are run by the Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology during the period of the attachment.

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