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The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology at Great Ormond Street Hospital has teamed up once again with the Kings’ College Allergy Academy, to provide you with a fresh perspective on food allergy management in children. This will be the 7th joint study day addressing practical issues related to food allergies which affect healthcare professionals at all levels.

Food allergy in children is a complex topic with an evolving evidence base. This year, we have picked some topics that have received a lot of attention in the scientific press and that many parents often ask about when they have children who are suffering from food allergies. This includes the newest UK based evidence on Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, the tough questions related to soya lecithin in soya allergic patients and how to introduce nuts and other foods in to the weaning diet. We are also discussing the overlap between non-IgE mediated allergy and a functional gastrointestinal disorder, which is something that has become very topical with our older cohort of children. For the first time we will also discuss the use of social media and other tools for nutritional management; what are the advantages and what to look out for.

This course is ideal for all health professionals working in food allergy, whether new to the field or very familiar with paediatric food allergy. The information will be based on the latest evidence and presented by experts in the allergy field.

RCPCH has approved this activity for up to 4 CPD credits, in accordance with the current RCPCH CPD Guidelines.

Endorsed for CPD by the BDA