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Recurrent abdominal pain in children remains one of the most common and challenging conditions encountered in paediatrics. The last decade, however, has seen considerable progress in our understanding of the basis of such conditions as well their management. This study day dedicated to the subject brings together world experts in this area now referred to as paediatric pain predominant functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID).

The programme is designed to be informative and thought provoking yet provide practical information for the diagnosis and management of such conditions. The eminent panel of speakers include Professor Marc Benninga (Netherlands), Dr Arine Vlieger (Netherlands) and Dr Miguel Saps (USA) all of whom have been responsible for extensive and seminal work with pain predominant FGIDs. Dr Ninis and Ms De Koker (UK) are involved in emerging and very topical areas related to the pathogenesis and treatment of such conditions. The course also reflects on the conditions from the child and parents perspective.

The course is designed for Health professionals involved in the care of children suffering recurrent abdominal pain including:
•    Paediatricians
•    Paediatric Gastroenterologists
•    Trainees
•    Hospital and Community Nurses
•    Psychologists
•    Allied Healthcare Professionals
•    General Practitioners