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Childhood Nutrition

Childhood nutrition

We are what we eat. This one day course highlights that what we eat and the long term effects of programming occurs in early life . This one day course will be taught by leading experts in nutrition who will discuss Nutritional Programming, the perils of what we eat including the must dos and do not’s and also the short and long term implications of our patterns of feeding behaviour. This course is a fascinating and worrying insight into our modern day eating habits and how it can impact on bone health, cardiovascular risk, obesity and allergic disease.

You should attend if you are a:

  • Trainee/consultant in general paediatrics
  • Trainee in paediatric gastroenterology
  • Dietitian
  • Nurse
  • Allied health professional

The RCPCH has approved this activity for up to 5 CPD credits.
RCN and BDA CPD accreditation approval is being sought.