Dr Rosan Meyer
Principal Research Dietitian
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Rosan completed her degree in Dietetics (1995) as well as Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics (1996) in South Africa. She specialised in paediatric nutrition in the United Kingdom, focusing on nutritional support, feeding behaviour and allergy. She started working at St.Mary’s Hospital, London in 1998. Her responsibilities as dietitian included the paediatric intensive care unit, the feeding clinic, children with neurodevelopmental delay and food allergies. In 2004 she went on to finish her Masters in Paediatric Nutrition, focusing on paediatric gastroenterology, allergies, nutritional assessment and feeding support. In 2008, she completed her PhD in energy expenditure in critically ill children at Imperial College London.

She currently is the principal research dietitian at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, leading a project on the impact of gastrointestinal food allergies on the nutritional status as well as the quality of life of children and their families. She is also a teaching fellow at Imperial College and module leader of the Food Hypersensitivity Module of the MSc in Allergy and responsible for research and education for the specialist food allergy and intolerance group of the British Dietetic Association. She also has her own paediatric allergy practice in London where she sees a variety of allergic disorders.